The Island of Koločep – Green, greener, the greenest!

kolocep island

Koločep Island is the smallest of inhabited Elaphites. There are two small villages on the island – Gornje Čelo and Donje Čelo, on the east and west coasts. Among dense forests, there are olive groves, vineyards and citrus trees. There are so many olive trees that Koločep is in The Guinness World Records as the island with the greatest number of olive trees in relation to its size and population. The island is very well known in Croatia due to its maritime history. It is said that two sailors on the Santa Maria, the Christopher Columbus were from the island of Koločep.

As there is so much greenery, it’s ideal to go walking and explore the picturesque bays. During exploring the island, you can visit a parish church dating from the 15th century located in Donje Čelo village. And there is also a famous piece of art – an altar-piece in the church of St. Anthony made by Ivan Ugrinović in Gornje Čelo. There are pre-Romanesque churches and numerous ruins.

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